Being healthy

There are many parts to being healthy, which include physical, mental, emotional and developmental health.

    What being healthy means to children and young people:

    Physical health can be influenced by activities or sports. It can also be affected by having a cold or flu, or more serious illnesses.

    Mental health is about coping and thriving and how this can change from things like anxiety and depression.

    Emotional health helps understand relationships with others. It includes emotional expression and decision making and it influences success at school, at home and engagement with the broader community.

    Developmental health is about being able to do the right things at the right age, like being coordinated and able to catch a ball. Our brains continue to develop and mature until we reach our early 20's. The last part of the brain to be developed is the bit that controls our decision making and impulses.

    There is a lot of activity already underway across government, the community and business sectors to ensure children and young people can be healthy. For example, we support free immunisation and screening programs; child and family health nurses provide free assessments for babies and infants; there are nurses in our primary and secondary schools and colleges; and community based healthy and active living programs.

    There is more to do and we want to hear your ideas to ensure children and young people in Tasmania can be healthy...