Being loved, safe and valued

Being loved and safe is one of the favourite topics of music and movies. It's hard to explain in words what it’s like to be loved. You know it when you feel it.

What being loved and safe means to children and young people:

A child’s chance to be loved and safe starts with the parents or caregivers and then becomes the responsibility of the whole community to act to protect the safety of children.

Children and young people are loved and safe when they have close, ongoing connections with people who value them, who show love and affection, who support them to develop, mature and become independent, who acknowledge their specific and individual needs, and who help them build healthy and respectful relationships with others.

There is a lot of activity already underway across government and the community to keep children safe. For example, we have a child safety system that provides care for children who can’t stay in their home, and programs to prevent family violence. There are also many parenting programs to help parents, and anti-bullying programs to help children and young people feel safe at school and in the community.

There is more to do and we want to hear your ideas about what it means for children and young people to be loved and safe in Tasmania...