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Between January and March 2021, Tasmanians were invited to share their experiences, views and ideas on how to improve child and youth wellbeing through a formal submission in response to the Discussion Paper - Tasmania's Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy.

Submissions are published on this page where the authors have agreed to them being made public.

By publishing submissions, the Tasmanian Government expresses no opinion as to the content or accuracy of any of the submissions or other materials to which the submissions may refer. The Tasmanian Government may choose not to publish all or part of a submission if it considers it inappropriate to do so.

Submissions Received

Anglicare Tasmania
PDF (2.11 MB)
Australian Association of Environmental Education Tasmania
PDF (42.31 KB)
Australian College of Nursing
PDF (173.54 KB)
Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth
PDF (555.04 KB)
Beacon Foundation
PDF (4.00 MB)
Brave Foundation
PDF (847.16 KB)
Breastfeeding Coalition Tasmania
PDF (439.49 KB)
Children and Young People with Disability Australia (Letter)
PDF (240.73 KB)
Children and Young People with Disability Australia (Attachment)
PDF (675.47 KB)
Colony 47 (Submission)
PDF (572.05 KB)
Colony 47 (Agenda for Change)
PDF (3.66 MB)
Commissioner for Children and Young People Tasmania
PDF (419.49 KB)
Dr. Barnden & Dr. Kilpatrick
PDF (109.53 KB)
Dr. Smith
PDF (786.98 KB)
Early Childhood Educators of Tasmania - South
PDF (169.33 KB)
Eat Well Tasmania
PDF (232.08 KB)
Families Tasmania
PDF (519.15 KB)
Family Planning Tasmania
PDF (3.02 MB)
Foster and Kinship Carers Association Tasmania
PDF (159.11 KB)
Fostering Hope
PDF (176.74 KB)
Health Literacy & Equity Research Group (UTAS & Partners)
PDF (746.27 KB)
Lady Gowrie Tasmania
PDF (169.59 KB)
Local Government Association Tasmania
PDF (120.53 KB)
Marinda - The Amazing Brain Program
PDF (257.70 KB)
Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania
PDF (7.93 MB)
Northern Children's Network
PDF (596.31 KB)
Northern Early Years Group
PDF (117.59 KB)
Outbush On Country
PDF (1.90 MB)

Submitted and Supported by: Adventure Works Australia, Blue Marble Consulting, Dooloomai, JLD Restorative Practices, Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, Tassie Bound Adventure Tours, Michael, Paul, Kellie & Jacqueline

Peter Underwood Centre
PDF (6.33 MB)
Playgroup Tasmania
PDF (4.37 MB)
Rascal Robot Art
PDF (76.62 KB)
Rosalie Martin
PDF (99.48 KB)
Save the Children
PDF (1.33 MB)
Sexual Assault Support Service
PDF (360.99 KB)
Square Pegs Dyslexia Support and Advocacy
PDF (436.33 KB)
The Smith Family
PDF (532.10 KB)
Tasmanian #100percentliteracy Alliance (Submission)
PDF (316.00 KB)
Tasmanian #100percentliteracy Alliance (Roadmap)
PDF (880.97 KB)
Tasmanian Council of Social Service (TasCOSS)
PDF (5.12 MB)
Tasmanian School Canteen Association
PDF (246.36 KB)
Taylored Eventz
PDF (840.50 KB)
Trauma Awareness Network Tasmania
PDF (114.54 KB)
Triple P International
PDF (2.63 MB)
Volunteering Tasmania
PDF (3.00 MB)
Working it Out
PDF (690.54 KB)
Youth Law Australia
PDF (800.23 KB)
Youth Network of Tasmania
PDF (458.98 KB)