Having what you need

Having what you need is often called being able to access the basics. This starts with a safe place to call home, enough food and help when children and young people need it.

What having what you need means to children and young people:

Clean shelter, nutritious food, clean water, warmth, appropriate clothing and personal care products like soap and toothbrushes are the basics. The basics also include the things children and young people need in order to learn, like books, pens and pencils, access to transport and communication, and the ability to get medicines or medical treatment when they need it.

All of these things are important for young people. Income is also important when young people have to support themselves with housing, food, clothing and medical needs.

There is a lot of activity already underway across government, the community and business sectors to ensure children and young people have what they need. For example, we have youth homelessness programs, shelters for families escaping violence, school breakfast clubs for children, and emergency food relief for families.

There is more to do and we want to hear your ideas about access to the things children and young people need...