Learning is a lifelong activity that can be done anytime, anywhere. There are opportunities to learn all around us, no matter what age children, young people and adults are.

What learning means to children and young people:

Helping children and young people learn to be safely curious and inquisitive, to discover new ideas and new ways of thinking about their world lays the foundation for learning throughout their lives. This ranges from discovering what fingers and toes are for, through to learning in school, learning to drive a car, learning the skills needed for a job.

Helping all children and young people to learn means acknowledging that there are many pathways to learning and sometimes some people will need additional support with their learning or help to be ready and able to learn.

There is a lot of activity already underway across government, the community and business sectors to ensure children and young people can learn. For example, there are 12 child and family learning centres statewide, free early learning opportunities, programs that help families connect school learning with home learning, extension of high schools to Year 12, flexible programs to help students re-engage with school, and partnerships between local businesses and schools to help young people learn the skills they need to get a job.

There is more to do and we want to hear your ideas to ensure children and young people can learn...