Postcards to the Premier

You're invited to have your say via a postcard to the Premier. Postcards were distributed at participating sites statewide such as schools, Child and Family Learning Centres, playgroups, libraries, and Neighbourhood Houses.

Hardcopy postcards can be returned in a number of ways, by:

  • returning it to the person, organisation or service provider that gave it to you
  • taking a picture or scanning and uploading it
  • posting it in an Australia Post postbox (reply paid).

If you would like a hardcopy postcard sent to you, please email your details (including your postal address) to

Digital postcard

Alternatively, you could have your say via a digital postcard by answering the question:

What are your hopes and dreams for children and young people in Tasmania?

Share your thoughts in 140 characters or less and explore what others have said. (max 140 characters).

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17 June, 2021

Annagao says:

“ Children could have both healthily mental and physical development. Young people could know what makes them happy to live in the future.”

16 May, 2021

Emma251291 says:

“Better bike area Hobart area, there is a missed opportunity, Goodwood park has such a huge space should be a bike area next to the park”

29 March, 2021

fairiesinjune says:

“I want young LGBTQ+ people to be safe and free to live their life as who they are. ”

19 March, 2021

Marinda says:

“Where parents recognise, & are valued & supported in, their important role as the primary carers & first educators of our next generation.”

12 March, 2021

Yasumi says:

“The first 1000 days is great, but we should look at the wales model which has holistic approach based on ACEs adverse childhood experiences.”

11 March, 2021

slcameron6 says:

“I hope that there are permanent full time jobs for all our young people - the casualisation of work erodes their future financial futures.”

10 March, 2021

PamPentecost says:

“Better mental health facilities for our young people. RHH Psychiatric Ward is not the place for our young. ”

9 March, 2021

Ashlea16 says:

“I would love to see children being able to spend their early years with their parents with time off supported and encouraged.”

8 March, 2021

alex7310 says:

“I would like my children to have the same GP every time we have to go to the doctor and not a 6 week wait when making appointments ”

1 March, 2021

Cinzia says:

“It is shocking I have complaints 5 months old and DoE does’nt seem to be bothered. Feel free to contact me to discuss”

1 March, 2021

Cinzia says:

“Review complaint process , current is ineffective Review enrolment process , our at Psps is unfair, race and gender discriminating”

1 March, 2021

Helen says:

“It is my hope and dream that all Tasmanians will live from true love. That they will know Love, be loved and love. ”