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The Premier of Tasmania, Peter Gutwein, invites you to send him a direct message via a hardcopy or digital postcard. The Premier will read every postcard that's submitted.

Hardcopy postcards

Postcards are being distributed at participating sites statewide such as schools, Child and Family Learning Centres, playgroups, libraries, and Neighbourhood Houses. They will be collected and delivered to the Premier.

Hardcopy postcards can be returned in a number of ways, by:

  • returning it to the person, organisation or service provider that gave it to you
  • taking a picture or scanning and uploading it
  • posting it in an Australia Post postbox (reply paid).

If you would like a hardcopy postcard sent to you, please email your details (including your postal address) to

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Digital postcard

Alternatively, you can send the Premier a digital postcard by answering the question:

What are your hopes and dreams for children and young people in Tasmania?

Share your thoughts in 140 characters or less and explore what others have said. (max 140 characters).

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1 March, 2021

Cinzia says:

“It is shocking I have complaints 5 months old and DoE does’nt seem to be bothered. Feel free to contact me to discuss”

1 March, 2021

Cinzia says:

“Review complaint process , current is ineffective Review enrolment process , our at Psps is unfair, race and gender discriminating”

1 March, 2021

Helen says:

“It is my hope and dream that all Tasmanians will live from true love. That they will know Love, be loved and love. ”

25 February, 2021

Emlebis says:

“To be encouraged to learn, explore, create & to live a fulfilling life with others. A generation who helps heal & love our earth and people”

18 February, 2021

Lex says:

“Better Trauma informed teachers along with info to new patents on how to grow a healthy brain. This will help with depression later in life.”

17 February, 2021

Qiqi says:

“Grow up in safe neighbourhood that respect others and help each other out.Place and people to seek help on bullying & anti social behaviour”

13 February, 2021

Mariedot says:

“An advantage for young ones is access to intelligent conversations between adults at home. To replicate this in other settings would help.”

12 February, 2021

Mim says:

“Unless there are exceptional circumstances, children need both parents to share in their upbringing and need more support to do this.”

8 February, 2021

Caelle says:

“Bulk billed, doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists. ”

8 February, 2021

Caelle says:

“Encourage all adults to help build resilience in children. To explore their world with support they can trust.”

6 February, 2021

Paige_A says:

“I think that coping skills for things like anxiety should be taught in school as it would help a lot of young people struggling.”

2 February, 2021

patty40 says:

“TasGov audits all govt funded depts & entities against the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations and funds training for TSS exec.”